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We’re not afraid to say that we’re not for everyone..

When considering working for a recruitment business, your biggest challenge is cutting through the jargon and finding a company whose culture, capabilities and goals align with yours.

At MKH Search you’ll get all of the regular perks like uncapped commission, private healthcare, and VIP trips abroad, but you’ll probably see those as secondary.

The competitive employee advantages you’re probably looking for are:

You’ll be working in a high-performing, hyper-ambitious environment 

Our average income for first-year recruits (with no prior experience) is £53,000, with a range between £35,000 - £88,000, with several expected to earn £100,000+ in their first full calendar year in recruitment. 

You’ll be trained by a partner in the trade of ‘search’, not recruitment

You won’t be taking job descriptions, posting job ads or messaging some people on LinkedIn to see what happens. You’ll be taught how to build and run a detailed search process that finds candidates other recruiters can’t find. Then we’ll show you how to build a business (or team) based on these proven processes.

You’ll be financially rewarded with a genuinely superior commission and bonus structure

Your commission structure will have no threshold and tops out at 38% for delivery only. There are additional bonuses for any new clients you might bring in. 

You’ll be working in an organic growth culture

Every single one of our consultants have been trained from scratch, and we have still managed to double revenue and headcount every year since we started. 

You’ll be working in one of the most scalable, lucrative recruitment markets in the world

The US economy is over 600% larger than the UK. The Construction and Civil Engineering sectors are increasingly suffering from an acute skills shortage, causing salary inflation way beyond most other sectors. Our average fee is £23,000, compared to £7,000 in the UK. Everyone will have the opportunity to build a team of 50+ people. 

You’ll be working with ‘all-in’, transparent leadership 

Our founders are still young and have all the ambition and drive to continue creating a business that’s a better company for you, our candidates, and our clients. You’ll be managed with complete transparency and there’s no ambiguity or over promises. We believe this solves problems faster, fosters authentic relationships, and builds trust.

You can relocate to the United States 

By June 2024, we expect to have a physical office in the US and will be supporting several team members to relocate there, whether it’s for 2 years or the rest of their life.

You can become an equity partner 

We have a transparent career framework that enables our high performers to gain equity in the business. We anticipate this being achievable within 5 years. 

Our Values

Hard work creates talent

We understand that success is the result of hard work. We know that you can’t have one without the other.

We’re a meritocracy

Your earning potential and career trajectory are not based upon your tenure. Like everyone, you’ll be judged on your abilities and your results.  

We’re go-getters

We don’t wait for opportunities to find us. We find them and we deliver on them. 

We dream big

We’re obsessed with reaching our goals, individually and collectively. 

We’re humble

We know overbearing egos drive poor behaviours, and toxic environments. We don’t let this happen.

We’re passionate

We care about our work, our reputation, and the impact they have on those we work with. 

We’re resilient

We know real success does not come easily. We’re ready to work through the tough times and persevere.  

We’re intuitive

We want to learn and grow. We know that asking questions doesn’t make us sound stupid. 

We have fun

We know the importance of there being a balance between work and play.

We’re inclusive

Your education, race, gender, sexual orientation, name, and shoe size will have no bearing on your opportunities to be successful.

We’re supportive

Regardless of whether you’ve got 3 months experience or 3 years, you’ll always get the help you need.

We’re quality centric

Our reputation is built through delivering an exceptional service to our clients and candidates. 

Employee Testimonials

Having worked in the beauty industry for a few years following graduation, I realised that in order to achieve what is most important to me in life, I needed to reevaluate the direction of my career. Being able to further my development, and ultimately gain financial independence, in a cohesive working environment, and in a system within which, hard work is genuinely rewarded, I joined MKH. A career in recruitment had never been on my radar prior to this, and I now recognize it completely aligns with my strengths. However, I can say without doubt that this would not be the case had I joined any recruitment firm. For me, it’s largely owing to the culture at MKH, and its core values. In addition to this, the dedicated training, and unmatched support, that filters through the company, is really what makes it unique. From the outset, there was complete transparency regarding the fact that, when I joined, there were no female consultants. Following my meetings with both directors, and their team, who truly couldn’t have been more welcoming, my decision was easy.

Since day one I’ve felt supported and at ease at work, I’m proud to have been one of the first women at this company. For nearly a year now, I’ve been a part of this team, and in all honesty, it requires a lot of hard work. That said, whilst this is not for everyone, and by no means will anything happen overnight, I truly believe now, that consistent diligence will enable you to reap rewards and further your development in the long run. For the first time in my career, I’m looking forward to my future at MKH, as I now know that the hard work I put in, truly amounts to something, both for the company, and for myself.

Caitlin Keegan

I graduated university with a master’s in psychology, though during my last year I came to the realization that it was not a route I wanted to pursue. I started exploring my options and came across recruitment which intrigued me due to the people-centric nature of the role, high earning potential and opportunities for accelerated development.

I interviewed with various firms, differing in markets, company cultures and sizes, but meeting Tobi and Josh was genuinely a unique experience. One of the most important factors for me personally was finding the right cultural fit, and it was obvious that they firmly believed in their vision and had established a culture in which everyone genuinely wanted what was best for one another, encouraged each other, and were extremely hardworking, making the work environment one that you truly enjoyed being part of.

I also had the opportunity to start up our new ‘Corporate Services’ division which was an exciting prospect, but also embraced the chance to be part of a dedicated startup, where I could grow alongside the business, rather than getting lost in the numbers of a larger firm. The unwavering belief and support I received, despite being entirely new to recruitment and a 'sales' role, demonstrated Tobi and Josh's utter commitment to your success, providing all the necessary tools for your growth and development along the way. Undoubtedly, success requires personal determination, resilience, and a strong work ethic, however, you couldn't ask for better support to help you achieve it.

I will say that this job can be intense, often requiring long hours and adjusting to different time zones, especially when dealing with the US market, so late calls out of regular hours are part of the process. That said, I wouldn't change my decision to join MKH for anything. I love being part of the team and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Viktoria Behrova

I joined MKH Search in April 2022, after graduating from university with a MSc in Marketing the previous year. My job search hoping to start a career in Marketing ultimately came to nothing, so I switched my sights to recruitment instead as I had experience in phone-based roles. Whilst I interviewed with various recruitment firms of different sizes who worked in different industries and had different cultures, it was MKH Search that appealed to me the most. There are many reasons for this – I felt the commission structure was better than any of the other companies I had talked to, the culture seemed great with everyone sharing the same down-to-earth but hard-working mindset & I liked how the type of recruitment was much more research-based and targeted rather than just posting Linkedin ads/sending emails and waiting for something to come back.

However, the main reason I joined was because it felt like an opportunity to be a part of something and to help the company grow. Talking to Tobi & Josh it was clear to me what their vision of the company was & what they wanted it to be, speaking to the people that worked there it was clear that everyone had the mindset to make that vision a reality. Unlike other, bigger companies, where you can easily get lost amongst everyone else who works there, the opportunity to join a smaller company where I could hone my recruitment skills and learn directly from the founders of the company appealed greatly to me.

It’s still hard work – working American hours means slightly later finishes, you have to put in effort to succeed & nothing comes easy. But the extra effort put in pays off, not only in terms of the money you make but also the skills you learn. Since joining I have already found that my communication skills have improved, I have a keener eye for detail & in general I am more of a confident person. Whilst you could argue that these could come from working at any recruitment firm, I do not believe that they would be improved & developed to the extent that they have been here in large part because of the hands-on training and environment that MKH Search provide.

Ethan Gould - Senior Consultant

I joined MKH Search straight out of university after finishing my degree in Business Economics (completely unrelated to Recruitment) and was honestly shocked at how recruitment works. As opposed to it being a borderline ‘call centre’, MKH Search has built an operation that utilizes every skill you have developed throughout your education and work life, in addition to opening doors to newly developed and untapped skills. We have been taught from day one to be meticulous in our research, dynamic in our approaches, and prioritise our firm principles through and through that truly yields the best results for our clients and candidates.

There is no doubt, to be successful it comes with hard work, determination, and the ability to deal with rejection; but from the beginning you are given every tool to succeed, learn, and grow. Our culture and work environment is second to none – when considering my options between MKH Search and working at a financial institution, I was truly sold on being a vital part to the future of this firm and shown what I can achieve in this business, and since, everything has come to fruition ten-fold. I have never and will never look back from the day I started here.

Coran Fielding - Principal Consultant

I Graduated university as a Physiotherapist, following this I felt that at this stage in my life it wasn't something I wanted to pursue. I was seeking an opportunity where I could achieve more – both in terms of where I could grow and financially, in a shorter period. I felt that being part of a start-up recruitment firm afforded me this opportunity, especially because there weren’t layers of employees above me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Deciding on what type of firm to choose was largely about the cultural fit but also the opportunity for real progression. I feel that traditionally in other larger recruitment firms it’s simply not possible to get the level of support and 1 to 1 tuition that MKH search could provide. This was evident from how quickly some of the consultants already employed had progressed. Following meeting the team and both directors, their welcoming but honest approach about recruitment, the challenges but ultimately the success was a great indicator to me about the integrity of my future colleagues. It didn’t hurt that information on regular social activities meant that I felt based on my age and what I’m looking for from an employer, this could be a good fit.

One year on, I have only positive things to say about my experience at MKH search so far. I feel I have been continually supported but also allowed to act autonomously to aid my personal progression. I've thoroughly enjoyed working with the team and I would consider my colleagues more as friends which makes coming into work every day enjoyable. I can understand how some people would find long hours challenging, which sometimes they are, but ultimately how much you put in you get out.

An honest overview of what MKH offers:

  • A very supportive, nurturing environment to kick start your recruitment career
  • Daily 1 to 1 tuition with expert recruiters
  • Frequent social activities, quarterly incentives, holiday incentives
  • Opportunity to make excellent money
  • Opportunity to make a real impact on the growth of a start-up business with huge potential for personal progression
Jac Chamberlain - Principal Consultant

I am originally from South Africa and immigrated to the UK almost 10 years ago. I came to the UK to make a career for myself, prior to MKH Search I worked in Events Management for several years.

A few year ago I wanted a new challenge and decided to look into the sales/recruiting industry, which I had no prior experience in. I interviewed with Josh and Tobi to potentially be the first employee within their new business. 

There are many businesses  that can offer you the world but don’t always deliver and the same goes for interviewees. Josh and Tobi have delivered on every single one of their promises by giving me one on one training, autonomy over my work, the opportunity to build my own desk and being compensated very well. I kept by my promise to learn, adapt and work hard everyday that I walk through the door, the best part of this job is that the more you put in is the more you get out.

I don’t have a degree and always thought to be successful that you would need one. This job has taught me that if you have hunger, ambition and have an eagerness to learn then that is all you need to be successful here at MKH Search. I am proud to say that I have evolved in my job and as a person and have not only been rewarded financially but also a valued employee within the business. 

You are expected to work hard and come in everyday adapting and changing as the business progressively grows but we are a business that works hard and plays hard at the same time. There are monthly work outings, monthly & quarterly incentives as well as a yearly trip overseas for the top performers. 

The best thing that MKH Search has to offer is that each individual who walks through our door is welcomed and guided through the training and development to become a great recruiter, but will also have support outside of work when needed, which in my opinion is hard to find in this day and age.

Damien Nicholls - Senior Consultant

Prior to joining MKH Search I was working as a Building Surveyor for two years in London, in the most part for Cushman & Wakefield. Client liaising was a frequent tool I utilized in the day-day running of my job. Despite enjoying my previous discipline, I found I was better suited to a career in where I could utilize my knowledge of the construction industry and ability to communicate and influence others on a more personal basis. Moreover, I wanted to pursue a career where my hard work & resilience would be equitable to my earnings. There is no doubt MKH Search is the place for this.

MKH Search presented me their product, philosophy, and vision. I have been exposed to the right way of doing 360 recruitment and have been given all the time by the co-founders for training and guidance for my personal development. MKH Search sold me a dream and their vision of what they wanted to achieve and now I’m part of that.

Working at MKH Search is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a meritocracy – if you want to work-hard, show some real dedication and commitment to the process and can exemplify a high degree of resilience, there is genuinely no limit to your earning potential at the firm. Money aside, as part of being a start-up, you are genuinely treated as an individual and not as a number. I would describe going to work at MKH Search as going to work with your friends. Your hard work is rewarded too – not just from a monetary perspective, but also in the form of quarterly/monthly rewards and day’s out.

Jake Kooner - Principal Consultant