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Helping you make the right career moves starts with us listening to you.

That means understanding who you are, what you care about, and what your career aspirations include in your professional life. Then, and only then, will we give you informed advice and access to the right opportunities.

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When Caitlin from MKH Search called me, I initially ignored the call because it was a number I didn’t recognize.  However, Caitlin followed up with a text message that piqued my interest and I agreed to a call. I get emails or messages on LinkedIn from recruiters almost daily that go ignored or deleted, so to be honest, I was more curious because Caitlin tracked me down on my personal cellphone.  I was not looking for a new position; I was a partner in my firm and had worked there for over a decade. Nobody, including myself, thought I would leave. From the get-go Caitlin did not try to pressure me. Rather, she took the time to get to know and connect with me. She was incredibly kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. She also wasn’t afraid to seek input from colleagues when necessary, which demonstrates the team effort MKH provides.  In the end, I pursued this new opportunity and I think both parties would agree it’s an exceptional fit.  For that, we have Caitlin’s intuition, diligence, and understanding to thank.  

What’s more—and perhaps an even bigger testament to Caitlin and MKH’s remarkable service—is that after I explained to my prior firm how I was recruited to my new position, they were so impressed they asked for a referral.  

Leanne E. Palmer, Esq. - In-House Counsel - CIANBRO

I recently accepted a new position within my field with the help of Caitlin Keegan at MKH Search. At the time, I was not looking for a new job and had no intentions of leaving my current role. Caitlin reached out to me and after a few exchanged messages and phone calls, the following week I was sitting down for an interview. Throughout the entire process, Caitlin was professional, polite, informative about the prospective role and company, and very responsive. Caitlin was very patient and checked in with me several times throughout the process to ensure that I was comfortable with how things were progressing and that I was still interested in the role. I did not feel pressured but felt that Caitlin wanted me to have as much information as possible before making a final decision. I could tell that she was invested in making sure it was a good fit for both her client and myself. I really did have a great experience working with Caitlin. She is very personable and pleasant, and it’s easy to see that she works hard for her clients. Thank you, Caitlin!

Rachel Gillis - Assistant Controller - CIANBRO

Every construction CEO will tell you that the number one thing that makes their operation successful is finding and hiring the right people.  And in a business climate that has employers in almost every market frantically trying to find the “right person”, MKH finds the “needle in the haystack”.  They are adept at recognizing their client’s intricate needs for each position, and then finding that person.  Tobias and his group have the resources and relationship network needed to find those people.  How he and his team do this from “across the pond”, amazes me!

Once those prospects are found, his job isn’t over.  In my case, I was approaching 50 years of age, already had good job, and had no interest in changing companies.  Tobias convinced me to simply listen to his pitch.  In the process, he opened my eyes to what I had been missing out on in the marketplace.  30 days later, I end up taking a new position with a financially strong industry leading company, cut my work commute in half (giving me more time with my family) and gained an appreciable increase in compensation.  I like to think of it as a Win/Win/Win situation for me, Tobias and the client.

Taking the call from Tobias has been a life changing experience for me. I know with certainty that his venture will continue to be a matchmaker for successful companies that are searching for that one person or important position, and the skilled field of candidates qualified to fill it.

Matt Haire - Preconstruction Manager (Savannah) – Choate Construction

MKH Search and I were introduced in April 2021. Tobi contacted me to discuss an exciting opportunity that he felt was a “great fit for my skill set”. At first, I had little to no interest to depart the company that I worked for 15-years. Typically, I would cut these calls short, but Tobi has a way of getting this information to you both concisely and persuasively. As our chats regarding the position evolved and detailed discussions were held about the CEO, job description, as well as the opportunity for advancement in my career.

I needed to be sure that I would be a good fit for the new company, and vice versa. The option for future advancement was the primary attraction for me. Fast-forward 8-weeks and my first day that this new company was everything that Tobi had described. My one regret is that I did not spend my entire professional career here. Thank you Tobi for being sincere, honest and not letting me talk myself out of taking this position. I am truly grateful to you.

Mike Vickery - Operations Manager (Irvine) – Alston Construction

Having spent over 20 plus years in the construction industry across just a few general contractors, it is not often I engage with recruiters. Matter of fact, when I have gotten calls from recruiters I just hang up. However, Tobias at MKH reached out with a different tact.  Tobias listened and responded with experienced conversation. Tobias brought well-informed, intuitive suggestions, and a detailed opportunity at a time where I was considering a move. What’s more, it was very evident they ‘get it’, and truly want to learn about what’s important to you as a person and as a construction professional. 

MKH presented an opportunity they knew would check all my boxes, including cultural fit, market sectors and overall opportunity to grow. In the end, I was persuaded to consider an opportunity seriously – and four months later, with a lot of support from MKH, I can truly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

 Recruiters have (often correctly) acquired a bad reputation.  MKH is changing that!  They are experienced industry leaders that listen and do not sell with an agenda. I can truly say my experience with MKH Search was one that enabled me to make one of the best transitions in my life and I remain sincerely grateful for eventually taking their call on that cold Tuesday!

J.D. Sossamon - Director of Field Operations (Designate) – PARIC Corporation

Jake initially called me at a time that I was not looking for a new job or company.  The initial call was professional and polite, leaving the door open for me to work with Jake in the future if the need arose. Jake continued to follow up with me on a regular basis to monitor my employment status. During one of these routine follow up calls, my employment status had in fact changed and I was tentitively looking for a new position. Jake then took the opportunity to fully get to know me and what my professional needs were. With this information, Jake was able to present me with employment opportunities with multiple reputable companies in my field. Jake skillfully guided me through the job search and interview process providing much needed consultation at each step. Working with Jake, I was able to land with a new company that fully satisfied my employment requirements and has definitely improved my career.  Personal service like this cannot be established or maintained by a social media message/post or text message. Jake represented me like my own personal agent. For that reason, Jake and I continue to work together and talk regularly. 

Tim Louis - Senior Project Manager | Mill Creek Residential (Atlanta, GA)

MKH Search (Jake) contacted me out the blue to talk about an opportunity with a reputable firm. He provided a clear and detailed overview of the company, the role and why it may be worth me considering. I had worked with my previous employer for almost 8 years, and Jake understood the necessity of being patient, giving me time to digest the opportunity and answering any follow-up questions. In the end, I decided to explore it and after much thought, took the plunge. Jake remained available, considerate, and on-the-ball throughout the process. He works hard for the people he represents to get them the right deal, and I’m grateful for his services.

Buddy Cornelius - Senior Superintendent (Atlanta) | Alston Construction

Coran is very good at what he does and is very easy to work with. He did his due diligence and placed me in my desired destination during a rather difficult time for getting hired within the market in which I was looking to go. He also did so within the time constraints that my personal situation required. I would highly recommended working with Coran if you are in the market looking for a change.

Neil Treni - Assistant Project Manager (Miami) | OHLA USA

Coran and MKH Search were hands down the best recruiters I ever worked with. Coran spent time actually getting to know my interests and career goals, instead of pushing into an open position at some random company.

I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of the construction industry, and his ability to connect me with a company that was a good cultural fit and aligned with my career goals perfectly.

Christopher Laljer - Field Engineer (Denver) – Flatiron Construction

Tobias and MKH Search engaged myself on behalf of their client and my now employer, Alston Construction. Though I had engaged recruiters on assignments within my respective team, I had historically declined all approaches made by recruiters making enquiries about myself. Tobi’s cutting edge was his ability to create intrigue; he quickly demonstrated (without jargon) how his assignment could advance my career, my families lives, and most importantly – asked the right questions to ensure I could add real value to the opportunity.

Over a process of several weeks, I gradually decided the opportunity was something I wanted to pursue – Tobi remained patient and available at all times. He is clearly highly committed to both his clients and candidates interests, and I think he managed both parties exceptionally well.

Overall, MKH Search supported my transition from a 20-year employer exceptionally well, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in construction.

Christopher Jocham - Vice President/ General Manager (Boise) – Alston Construction

Alex called me at the start of September, to speak about an opportunity with Mill Creek Residential in Atlanta. At the time, I wasn’t actively looking for opportunities, however the possibility of moving to Atlanta intrigued me. I spoke with Alex about the role, how it would match my career ambitions, how Mill Creek treat people, so I decided to proceed to interview. Two weeks later, I was flying into Atlanta and it was indeed a great fit.

One thing I immediately noticed with Alex, and why I continued my dialogue with him, was the lack of pushiness in his approach, which is unlike my experience with other recruiters. During the interview and offer stage, Alex acted as my advisor and gave many good pieces of advice that I could trust. He regularly followed up and made sure everything was running smoothly my end, and I always knew Alex was invested in my career.

Dhimitri Dorceus - Assistant Project Manager (Atlanta) – Mill Creek Residential

I just wanted to take the time to state my appreciation for all your efforts in February, March and April  that provided me with the Preconstruction Manager opportunity at Alston Construction – Nevada Region. Thanks to your support, knowledge and encouragement, we were able to secure the Preconstruction Manager position in April, 2022. This has been a great job for me.

You were able to provide knowledge of Alston Construction, their management structure and knowledge of the position requirements. You were also able to accurately match my background and abilities with this Preconstruction position. During the three month process, you were able to be persistent, timely, and provide open and honest feed-back as we worked through the discovery and interview process. I looked forward to our conversations as we pursued this opportunity!

Brad Bennett - Preconstruction Manager (Reno) – Alston Construction

Just checking in after my first few months with SPD and wanted to sincerely thank you for finding me this opportunity. My life has changed drastically for the better since I’ve started here. The extra pay you negotiated for me has helped me start whittling away at the debt I accrued from being underpaid at my last job. The work environment at SPD is shockingly different in a great way. I fit in with the guys here great and they treat me with the respect and friendliness that coworkers deserve.

Wouldn’t’ve had the confidence to leave them without your help, so sincerely, thank you. Hope you’re able to help others as much as you helped me with this new position. 

Austin La Grange - Project Manager (Houston) – SPD Construction

If it wasn't for Jake I wouldn't have landed my dream job! He was very responsive in his communications via a phone call or text. You could call him anytime of the day and he would answer for you. He truly cares about his clients and putting them in a position to succeed. Even though I was traveling for work at the time as a consultant Jake managed everything tremendously between my company now and myself to make it happen. He would go above and beyond for you because he wants to get the job just as bad as you want the job. Than you Jake for all of your hard work. I am truly grateful that I received that call from you back in September!

Christian Sutherland - Assistant Project Manager (Atlanta) – Choate Construction

Jake was fantastic throughout the entire process. He was prompt, personable and a great communicator between myself and my new company. Highly recommend!

Alex Rech - Preconstruction Manager (Atlanta) – Choate Construction

From the moment MKH reached out to me in December 2020, I could tell that their approach to matching the right candidate with the right company was different. Typically, I politely decline these types of calls as my skill set is very specific and often misunderstood. In this case, Tobias had already done his background research on me, he knew that I was a Lean, IPD specialist and was genuinely interested in understanding needs and long-term goals.

He took the time upfront to really understand if I would be a match for the employment opportunity. An opportunity that I now enjoy BTW. As Tobias described the position to me, I asked many questions which to my astonishment, he knew most of the answers. Those questions he didn’t know, he committed to seek the answer quickly for me. At one point I remember thinking that he must work for the company because he knew most of the answers and could reference the names of those that would.

At all times, he remained patient, energized and positive. Once we agreed that I was a good match for the position, I was then introduced to the company and subsequently interviewed. During the interview, I remember thinking that there was a familiarity about them and contribute that to the exacting nature in which Tobias’s described them to me.

Once the company and I agreed to the fit, we had to deal with getting a work Visa. As a Canadian seeking work in the USA during the peak of COVID, there were some challenges but here to, Tobias’s knowledge and energy and coaching really supported me to sort through all the red tape. To sum up, Tobias has a pragmatic, customer first approach backed up by a wealth of knowledge and infectious positive energy, makes him an ideal partner throughout the process. Thank you, Tobias & MKH Search.

Art Winslow - IPD Project Director – Gilbane Building Company

I received a call from Louis at the perfect time. Prior to him reaching out, I wasn’t looking to leave my employer but I had just made the decision to answer calls from recruiters and just hear what they had to offer. Louis was friendly, respectful and a great communicator. He was very informative of the company, culture and position I would be interviewing for. The process took several months from start to finish and he kept constant communication without overdoing it. I just started my new role and I’m excited about the future. Thank you Louis! I am grateful you reached out to me!

Dalton Strickland - Corporate Projects Controls Manager – Philips Infrastructure Holdings

Luke Chapman reached out to me in October of 2022. At the time I really wasn’t looking for a new position but the way he explained the position interested me.  Luke was very professional and after a very good conversation to learn about the company and position he put me into contact with the Hiring Vice President of the Position.  Luke had done extensive homework on myself, and he knew the interworking’s of the company just as if he was an employee himself.   I had a great conversation and interview with the Vice President and that lead me to a third interview and eventually a fourth and final interview where I was chosen as the candidate for the position.  Luke was extremely responsive and was a great coach through the process.  Luke is the reason I am in the position I am today and extremely grateful for his pursuit to help get me here.

Luke has also become a trusted resource in helping me find qualified candidates for the open positions I now have.  If you’re looking for a truly construction knowledgeable and experienced agency MKH is the one.

Steve Yeckel - Safety Director (Pittsburgh) - Independence Excavating

Ethan has proven to be a hugely valuable resource with helping me determine my short and long range goals of the company that I endeavor to retire with. Ethan reached out to me a couple of months ago, at the right exact time as I was starting to consider a move to another company. Durting the past 2 months, Ethan has been very attentive to my career objectives and what my expectations were in an organization. He introduced me to two very highly reputable contractors. The communication that I had with Ethan was very insightful and critical with my interview prep and strategy with accepting the offer that was best for me. The conversations I had with him really helped me land two offers from the two companies that I interviewed with.

Ethan is extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and resourceful whom is passionate about placing the right candidates with the right firms.

Ed Paganini - Senior Project Manager (Los Angeles) – Swinerton Builders